Is your Contact Center considering implementing an end-to-end VoIP solution or providing SIP trunks?

If you wish to maintain a secure and efficient network that handles the remote agents with ease, it’s time to shop for the right Session Border Controller.

Just as the firewall protects the data network, a Session Border Controller or SBC is required to protect both the data and voice network when VoIP is integrated into the system.

All of Sangoma’s SBCs provide the same carrier-grade functionality, including prevention of toll fraud, denial of service attacks and eavesdropping. They enable VoIP traffic to navigate firewalls and ensure interoperability between different SIP implementations.

Carrier SBCs for the Large Contact Center

For the large contact center, Sangoma’s carrier class Session Border Controller (SBC) is designed to handle the high call volumes and provide full range of features required for contact center operations.

Read more about Sangoma’s NetBorder Carrier SBC, which is field upgradeable and supports up to 4000 sessions (simultaneous calls). More »

Enterprise SBCs for the Smaller Contact Center

For smaller contact centers and corporate networks, Sangoma is an industry leader in providing carrier-quality enterprise Session Border Controllers, that are right sized and are super easy to license and manage. Sangoma is known for producing premium telephony products that just work, and as a result the Sangoma Vega eSBCs deliver exceptional value.

Read more about Sangoma’s Vega Enterprise SBC for Customer Premise, Sangoma’s Vega Enterprise SBC Virtural Machine, and Sangoma’s Vega SBC Hybrid Solution. More »

Sangoma SBCs allow Lync Server 2013 to reliably and securely connect to standard SIP trunks, delivering maximum flexibility and security through any SIP trunking provider.