SIP Network to SS7 Interconnection

While the task of moving basic voice traffic between a SIP Network and the PSTN can be implemented using a standard VoIP Gateway, delivering high value services or integrating with a Mobile network requires integration with SS7.

Value Added Services (VAS) such as Customer Ringback Tones (CRBT), SMS/MMS, Presence, Location-Based Services and Voice over LTE all require integration with the SS7 signaling network in order to control both the media and data components of a call.

Sangoma offers an ideal solution with the cost-effective NetBorder SS7 gateway.  This all-in-one solution contains a media gateway, gateway controller and transcoding functionality in a single server.  This scalable system provides interworking between SIP and SS7 at one or multiple points of presence.

NetBorder SS7 Gateway

SS7-no shadow

NetBorder SS7 VoIP Gateway Appliance

The NetBorder SS7 VoIP gateway appliance connects calls between PSTN and VoIP networks. It is a cost-effective turnkey solution, offering from 4 to 256 T1/E1 lines at a single point code and powerful transcoding capabilities. Up to 8 T1/E1 lines are available in a 1U box, and up to 32 lines in a 2U box.