Contact Centers

For many companies, the Contact Center is the mission critical component of their business. Even as the internet and social media have exploded onto the scene, it is still the Customer Service Agent working in the contact center who can determine the success or failure of any customer interaction. These interactions often determine the success or failure of the entire business.

Sangoma hardware and software remain an integral part of hundreds of contact centers managing tens of thousands of agents around the globe.  Providing the highest accuracy Answering Machine Detection and Call Progress Analysis, or helping companies to leverage their legacy TDM gear into the emerging VoIP Infrastructure using Gateways and Session Border Controllers, Sangoma helps companies maximize the profitability of their Contact Centers while continuing to provide outstanding customer service.

Answering Machine Detection and Call Progress Analysis

The success of a contact center is often measured as agent productivity.  One of the best ways to maximize this important metric is to keep agents talking with people, rather than with answering machines or listening to busy signals or network announcements.  Answering Machine Detection (AMD) and Call Progress Analysis (CPA) are two tools that contact centers can use to determine that a call has reached a real person at which time the system then brings the agent into the call.  These tools from Sangoma are over 95% accurate and can make this determination in less than two seconds.  Even under highest load, Sangoma AMD and CPA perform at levels that meet or exceed even the most stringent international standards to keep contact centers in compliance and running at maximum efficiency.

Voip Gateways and Session Border Controllers

Sangoma Gateways and Session Border Controllers are used around the world to bridge TDM-to-VoIP networks and devices, as well as connect IP-to-IP networks. Companies that are still using Legacy TDM equipment and want to take advantage of SIP Trunks, or if they need to connect an all VoIP system to the Legacy TDM network, or they simply need the proper border element to connect their VoIP system to a VoIP Provider, they can find the hardware and software they need in the Sangoma portfolio.

Remote Agents

Contact Center managers are progressively deploying IP Telephony in their contact centers to drive significant operational savings. For concerns of costs and/or quality of service, it is sometimes not possible to provide IP phones to remote agents, at least in the initial phases of a project. Often, customers require the ability to deliver calls to any agent anywhere on the PSTN or behind legacy PBXs, at an agent-provided PSTN phone number.

The NetBorder Agent Bridge solution complements our partner’s IP Contact Center partners to enable remote location behind legacy PBX’s or remote agents using regular landline phones to appear as SIP agents inside the customer network. This brings the immediate benefits of virtualization and infrastructure consolidation, but without the requirement to deploy IP endpoints all the way to the far edges. The solution brings the savings of open-standards IP telephony, but without the worries of quality of service or the IP phone roll-out costs.

Unique Benefits of Sangoma for Contact Center Applications

  • Industry leading Call Progress Analysis engine for outbound dialing applications
  • Capability of seamlessly integrating remote agents
  • SIP Integration. No complex or special APIs required
  • SIP load balancing and Failover routing
  • Powerful web-friendly scripting engine allows simple and fast delivery to customize or to create services
  • Works in both TDM and IP Environments seamlessly
  • Software platform running on standard OS and servers
  • Pay-as-you-go licensing
  • Lifetime warranty on all hardware

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