Connect Legacy Equipment to
Next Generation IP PBXs

While SIP Trunking continues to be one of the hottest topics in today’s evolving telecommunications marketplace, there is another application in this same space that is often overlooked: how to connect legacy equipment to next generation IP PBXs or other Unified Communications systems.

Connect Legacy Devices to UC using Sangoma

Platform back to the PSTN.

There are many reasons why an enterprise may want this kind of legacy connectivity, such as: access to emergency response, resilience in the event of a WAN or ITSP failure, existing equipment that does not run reliably over a VoIP network, e.g. fax servers, modems, alarm systems, and regulatory compliance.

Sangoma’s Vega VoIP Gateways and other IP-to-TDM products, such as Analog, Digital and Hybrid Interface Cards make the transition to an IP PBX easy and keep your existing equipment running.

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