High-Density Call Completion Platforms

Providing alternative long distance routing has been available for some time now. One key to success in this highly competitive business is to use inexpensive yet reliable signalling and media gateways. While PRI can be used to connect to the PSTN, there is a technical limit of 20 T1 lines using a shared signalling channel.  In practice, telephone companies require customers to switch to SS7 signalling when using eight or even four T1 lines.

Improved use of bandwidth on the IP network provides further operational cost advantages, and can be achieved using a codec like G.729 over the IP network.  This requires converting between the G.711 protocol used on T1 lines and the codec chosen for the IP network.

The Sangoma solution uses one or more NetBorder SS7 gateways at each PSTN point of presence covered by the service, a softswitch to manage routing, and a reliable IP infrastructure to connect nationally or globally distributed gateway infrastructure.  The NetBorder SS7 gateway includes signalling and media gateway functions, and transcoding if required.

Sangoma NetBorder SS7 gateways provide an extremely reliable yet inexpensive solution to realizing a low cost long distance service.

NetBorder SS7 Gateway

SS7-no shadow

NetBorder SS7 VoIP Gateway Appliance

The NetBorder SS7 VoIP gateway appliance connects calls between PSTN and VoIP networks. It is a cost-effective turnkey solution, offering from 4 to 256 T1/E1 lines at a single point code and powerful transcoding capabilities. Up to 8 T1/E1 lines are available in a 1U box, and up to 32 lines in a 2U box.