FreePBX is the world’s most trusted open source platform for building the PBX of your dreams. At its core, it is an open source web-based graphical user and configuration file writer that empowers companies that use Asterisk® PBX software to save time—making writing your own dial plans and configuration files much easier and letting you focus on other aspects of setup of your VoIP communications system.

From its initial introduction in 2004, when it contained only four database tables of configuration files for Asterisk, FreePBX has grown to encompass more than 219,000 lines of code and hundreds of tables. The FreePBX project now provides an entire open source platform and communications ecosystem that can not only ease installation by providing configuration files for Asterisk, but also provide support and ongoing updates to the entire system. Its ability to work in the cloud or on site lets you maximize flexibility while providing you the ideal PBX solution.

Build a FreePBX
The “Free” stands for Freedom.

With millions of production systems worldwide and 20,000 new systems a month installed, the FreePBX community continues to out-perform the industry’s commercial efforts. Sangoma is proud to be the Sponsor of FreePBX and the project. If you are new to FreePBX you can get started quickly by downloading and installing the FreePBX Distro. The FreePBX Distro is an all in one platform that installs everything you need to build a phone system. Once you have a basic PBX in place you can add Commercial modules to add advanced features to an already feature rich base install of FreePBX.

Commercial Modules

FreePBX empowers your business with wide array of add-on modules that can enhance your VoIP communications experience. Created specifically to work with the FreePBX Distro, these modules provide advanced applications to help your business coordinate everything from appointments to call centers with ease. Choose from single-application modules, such as the Voicemail or Call Recording Reports modules, to more comprehensive programs, such as the System Builder Plus or the Call Center Builder. These modules allow your business to coordinate your VoIP setup with more specific needs, all while providing seamless support for your communications systems.

Example of some modules:
Call Center Builder PBX End Point Manager Web Callback
Extension Routing SysAdmin Pro Outbound Call Limiting
VM Notify Fax Pro Call Reporting Reports
Conference Pro FreePBX Phone Apps High Availability Disaster Recovery

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Sangoma FreePBX Appliances

The only hardware solutions to be officially certified by the FreePBX project, the FreePBX appliances are the optimal high-performance PBX solutions. Each one comes pre-loaded with FreePBX Distro to make deployment, configuration, and use of your PBX system even easier. There are a few different variations of the FreePBX appliance to choose from, dependent upon your business’ individual needs:

Model Max. Capacity
FreePBX Phone System 60 75 users or 30 calls
FreePBX Phone System 100 100 users or 30 calls
FreePBX Phone System 300 300 users or 120 calls
FreePBX Phone System 1000 1000 users or 300 calls

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Additional Hardware

In addition to the FreePBX software and appliances, there are a number of hardware options that can help you optimize your PBX solution. Sangoma provides a full line of products for your business to create a fully-functioning VoIP communications system.

Telephony Cards
Sangoma’s wide range of digital, analog, and data telephony cards have been engineered and used in Asterisk® solutions from the very beginning, and have become the standard by which other interface cards have been measured. Equally adept at handling the call density of the office or the call center, these premium telephony cards offer peerless clarity and reliability.

VoIP Gateways
The Vega Enterprise series features both FXS and FXO ports for PBX or PSTN solutions, providing resilient, upgradable, and fault-tolerant support for IP conversion. The NetBorder series offers a set of cost-effective all-in-one turnkey solutions that contain powerful transcoding capabilities and can support up to 256 lines simultaneously.

Session Border Controllers
Carrier-quality enterprise session border controllers that provide reliable VoIP security for a wide range of enterprises, from the small business to the large corporation, the Vega SBCs can handle up to 500 sessions simultaneously, providing a secure connection point for SIP trunking, along with the flexibility, redundancy, and durability of a VM-ready solution.