Lync Interworking with IP-PBX

Lync can be deployed as an adjunct to an existing corporate PBX or IP-PBX to deliver UC functions with a minimum of disruption to on-going business operations. By leveraging functions of the existing system (Dial Plan, Voice Mail, Automated Attendant, IVR) and using Lync to provide UC functions such as presence, screen sharing and instant messaging, the benefits of UC can be realized while still allowing staff to follow familiar and efficient practices through use of their existing telephone system.
Hosted PBX SBC Use Case

The proliferation of VoIP technology has enabled a range of new services that were previously not cost-effective or even practical using the legacy Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). The VoIP service provider supplies SIP trunks and cost-effective virtual PBX services using a large, robust and redundant platform. The corporate client gets all the advantages of a PBX without the need to install, maintain or manage the PBX system.
Remote Office Connection without VPN

Connectivity between each branch office and the central IP-PBX is achieved through the internet without the complications and expense of managing VPN connections or each trunk.
SIP Trunking – Carrier

SIP Trunking – Carrier Carriers offering SIP trunking services must provide a secure environment that their customers can trust, especially when these services are delivered over the internet.  Carriers also aim to reduce or eliminate interoperability difficulties between their equipment and that of their clients. The security of a VoIP network can be breached at […]
SIP Trunking – Enterprise

Our lower Density SIP Gateways are the only ones in their price class that deliver great voice quality, ease of configuration and failover/fallback features.