Choose the SBC that’s Right for Your Business

Do you have a legacy phone system, such as a TDM PBX and are thinking about adding a Voice-over-IP connection to reduce telephony costs? Well if so, don’t make the most common mistake of using you’re the network’s firewall for voice security – You need a device called a Session Border Controller.

A Sangoma SBC protects both your data and voice network and is designed to handle every aspect of phone calls that travel over the internet (or voice-over-ip phone calls).

avvoip-sbcs-stackedHardware Models

Whether you are an SMB (Small-to-Medium Business) or Large Enterprise, our line of Session Border Controllers are tailored to your needs. From 5-4,000 sessions, our on-premise appliances feature an intuitive webgui for full routing and security configuration, monitoring, security and debugging, along with on-board transcoding for guaranteed interoperability with ITSPs and PBXs.

Protect your network from DDOS attacks, Toll Fraud, and all other VoiP threats with a Sangoma SBC.
avvoip-server-softwareVirtual Machine

As the demand for virtualized infrastructures increases, the Sangoma Enterprise Virtual Machine (VM) SBC is the perfect solution for Enterprises and Carriers who need an SBC to secure their VoIP network and utilize existing hardware. The virtual Machine edition of our award-winning SBC offers the same rich functionality as that of our hardware-based SBCs but is 100% software. The Enterprise VM SBC is field-upgradable to 500 simultaneous calls and compatible with most commercially available servers and virtual machines.