Open Source

Sangoma’s roots are in open source. We’ve contributed to, supported and embraced numerous projects since our inception in 1984.  For over a decade, Sangoma has been providing the highest quality telephony interface cards for connecting Asterisk ®  and  FreeSWITCH® to the PSTN.  Telephony interface cards and VoIP gateways from Sangoma are the ideal connectivity enablers for telephony and data networking platforms and applications.

Telephony Hardware

Sangoma entered the telephony market specifically to provide PSTN interface hardware for the open source market.   Our products were designed from the ground up to provide the best possible voice quality, performance and reliability for the many telephony projects that we support.  Our dedication to engineering excellence allowed us to offer the first lifetime warranty on many of our products.

Many of the top application partners, OEMs and service providers all have learned the benefits of partnering with Sangoma.   Click here learn to more about our PSTN interface cards and gateways, as well as our newest media and signaling products for advanced applications.


OrganizationProject(s)Type Open Source PBX software (Linux)
Elastix Open Source PBX software (Linux) Open Source soft-switch software (Linux) Open Source PBX software (Linux) Open Source Call Center Open Source Router (Linux) Open Source telephony platform (Windows and Linux)