Call Recording Directly From T1/E1

Call recording at large call centers requires a high-density platform capable of handling a large number of T1 spans in on single server.  The industry has been lacking a card capable of supporting a high-density solution.

Tapping ApplicationSangoma offers a high-density solution, tested with up to 48 T1 spans recorded by a single server.

The connection between PSTN and PBX is forked off to the T116 tapping card using a Sangoma TAP splitter. The connection between PSTN and PBX is passed through, and a high-impedance tap of each signal pair is diverted to the tapping card.

The tapping card demultiplexes  and captures 16 TDM spans (eight two-way conversations) and all signalling information be it PRI, SS7, CAS etc.  This can then be transferred by software to audio files on a server and entries in a call log database.

A typical call recording application connects the T116 Tapping Board via Sangoma’s WanPipe drivers to a platform such as Asterisk. An application sitting on top of Asterisk logs signalling information to a database, and voice recordings to a file structure on the server.

Tapping Product

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