Zulu UC is already included in all PBXact Phone Systems for up to 1000 users.

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The Ultimate Desktop Integration for Your Business

Zulu UC Desktop Integration unifies the most popular business communication tools & applications enhancing user productivity. Designed specifically for FreePBX and PBXact phone systems, Zulu enables features such as:
check SMS & Faxing directly from the Zulu widget & softphone.
check Click-to-call to make calls directly from your web browser and /or email client
check Screen Pop for CRM and help desk integration
check Zulu Softphone enabling users to make/receive phone calls from their desktop for a true mobile office experience

Get Your Free Zulu 2 User FreePBX License
FreePBX Zulu UC 2 User Package is Free of Charge. Each User Package comes with 2 users good for 12 months.

* FreePBX 13 or newer is required for using Zulu


Zulu Softphone

At the Center of the Zulu is the all new softphone enabling users to take their office with them and never miss a call.
  • Make and receive phone calls using
  • Send and receive SMS* and FAX*
  • Control Presence status which will update your status on all your devices
  • Flexible Calling Options- generate a phone call from either the client on your desktop or your desk phone. Great for mobile users who come and go from their workstation.
* SMS requires SIPStation SIP Trunking Service and Faxing requires the Fax Pro Module

Click to Call

With Click-to-Call integration, users can instantly call any phone number that is seen on their web browser or MS Outlook client which a click!. Simply click on the phone number and Zulu will initiate an outbound call via the softphone client or your desk phone, whichever is with you at the time. Great for mobile users who come and go from their workstation.

Click-to-Call also recognizes extensions and phone number prefixes, so you never have to worry about having to modify the phone number or extension you wish to click to dial.
Screen Pop

Ideal for CRM and Help Desk Integration, Screen POP will automatically open your desktop web browser on an inbound call with all the information of the caller. This feature helps users expedite phone calls and provide the caller with the best customer service experience.

* For additional CRM integration check out our CRM Link Module


Engage your audience more effectively than email by SMS for promotions or same day correspondence.

Zulu provides you with the freedom of choice to send or receive SMS messages directly from your MS Outlook email client, Zulu Widget or Zulu soft phone.

* SMS requires SIPStation SIP Trunking Service


No longer do you have to walk to your fax machine or open up your fax application. Send the fax right from Zulu

Zulu allows you to send or receive faxes directly from your MS Outlook email client, Zulu Widget or Zulu soft phone.

* Faxing requires the Fax Pro Module


Improve communication between staff members by allowing them to see each other’s presence via the Zulu SoftPhone. This feature can save your employees time by reaching out to members who they know are available to take their request.

Users can set their presence using a variety of pre-set status or create their own. And because Presence is server side, a user’s presence will be updated across all communication endpoints automatically too.

Chat (Coming Soon)

Soon, the Zulu UC SoftPhone will feature integrated Chat functionality so that staff members can communicate with each other more effectively. Features like 1-to-1 messaging, group chat, file transfer and auto-archiving will improve employee collaboration and improve business results. Finally, one tool to do it all!

Getting to the details


All the above features are included in the standard Zulu pricing. Zulu is available in 20-seat packages and can be purchased by visiting the Portal or Request a Quote.

Operating System: Zulu UC is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux operating Systems. Browsers: Click-to-call and Screen POP work with Firefox and Chrome (Safari coming soon).
User Options

Each of the Zulu features can be fully controlled from the Freepbx or PBXact phone system Administration Webgui. Choose to enable or disable SMS, FAX, or the softphone on a per user basis.
Browser Plug-ins

Click or highlight a phone number on any web page and call it via their PBX.

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