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Contact Centers, Enterprise, Government, Military all depend on Sangoma Call Recording Solutions. Shouldn’t you?

Whether you need to tap TDM for customer service quality monitoring or record SIP calls over VoIP networks, it’s time to consider Sangoma for the right Call Recording solution for your application.

Since 1984, even the military has trusted Sangoma solutions for successful line tapping and call recording in mission critical operations.

Interface Tapping Card

As security, customer service and legal requirements have increased, businesses from the smallest entity right up to the largest military, has found it necessary to monitor and record telephone conversations. Choose this dedicated tapping solution for up to 8 two-way connections or 16 one-way connections.

Line Tapping Tool

The Sangoma T1/E1 line tapping tool is a high performance, robust and inexpensive toolkit that gives you complete access to the T1/E1 voice and signaling interfaces. Based on the popular A102, A104 and A108 AFT cards, the system supports the tapping of one, two and four T1/E1 lines per card respectively.

A convenient Tap Connection Adapter is available, which allows the data transport line to be hard wired with strain relief. The tapping connections are then simply connected to the RJ45 connectors provided.

Both normal impedance and high impedance (high sensitivity) modes are supported. Learn more about the Line Tapping Tool from Sangoma. More »

Call Recording APIs

Sangoma TDM SDK is a high level TDM API that supports full signalling and voice functions for rapid application development.

It supports all Sangoma PCI, PCIe cards and is designed to abstract all TDM signalling and protocols into a unified, OS abstracted SDK. Sangoma TDM SDK operates in network tapping mode only with full signaling stack support. For information and access to this API, please contact us for more details.

Hear about a OrecX’s success with Sangoma Call Recording Solutions: