Interactive Voice Response

For decades, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technologies have been at the heart of automated business communications. Well implemented IVR can reduce cost, improve productivity and improve customer service as employees and customers can enter or retrieve information from a database via a simple telephone. IVR technology can also be used to allow customers to “self-route” calls to the best possible agent (or agent queue) to help them resolve issues or place orders.

Sangoma can be found in many IVR systems. Our products allow legacy IVR systems to be integrated into VoIP architectures or allow IP-only systems to interface with the TDM network. In addition, they can provide the advanced media and signal processing that may be necessary for implementing these systems around the world.

IVR Solution Providers

banner_commetrex BladeWare HMP Enterprise fax servers and IVR platform Telecom Interface Boards
banner_callflex AdaptMax Hosted IVR Service Telecom Interface Boards
banner_drishti Ameyo IVR System IVR Telecom Interface Boards
banner_digivox Easy Platform IVR platforms Telecom Interface Boards
banner_enjay Enjay CTI IVR Telecom Interface Boards
banner_genesys Genesys Voice Platform IVR NBE Gateway
banner_voxeo Prophecy IVR IVR software and appliances NBE Gateway