IP PBX Systems

If you’re considering migrating to Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), rest assured, you’re in good company. The technologies have exploded into the Enterprise Communication and SMB communications space in the last ten years. Some experts believe that the last TDM-only PBX has already shipped, and that in just a few years nearly every business in the world will be using an IP-PBX.

When it’s time to make the move, consider an IP PBX solution from Sangoma 

FreePBX Now Backed by Sangoma

FreePBX®, backed by Sangoma, is the most widely deployed Open Source PBX platform in use across the world today. There is no other platform that even approaches its adoption. With that success, an entire ecosystem has flourished ensuring the project’s long term viability. Full featured and free to download to your own hardware or purchase one of our FreePBX Phone System appliances with the software pre-installed, this commercially supported and modularly upgradeable PBX is an excellent choice. It even virtually auto configures to Sangoma SIPStation SIP trunks and natively supports our telephony interface cards — should you wish to connect to the PSTN.

If you prefer a commercial PBX, complete with the comfort of per-seat licensing and a built in annual maintenance program, please request more information. Sangoma has commercial PBX solutions available to meet the need of even the most conservative office. Please ask us for more details.

We make everything connect

Sangoma remains committed to inter-operating with a number of third party PBX vendors.

So use our PBXact appliance and install the software of your choice. Then integrate our PSTN Interface Cards, Gateways, SIPstation SIP trunks and Session Border Controllers to build the unified communications solution that’s perfect for your business.

When looking for an IP PBX solution, choose a technology partner that can deliver your company a full portfolio of products that reliably and cost-effectively support a wide range IP-PBX solutions— from just a few analog ports to those that require dozens of digital spans distributed across multiple offices. Sangoma. We make everything connect. Because it simply must work!