• Introduction
  • The IP Address and Classes
    • Hosts and networks
    • IP addressing
  • Basic IP Routing
    • Classed IP Addressing and the Use of ARP
    • Direct vs. Indirect Routing
    • Static vs. Dynamic Routing
    • WANPIPE Routing
  • Advanced IP Routing
    • The Netmask
    • Hierarchical Sub-Allocation of Class C Addresses
    • TCP/IP Setup Examples by Protocol Stack and Platform
  • IPX Routing
  • Appendix: Restrictions in the use of class C subnetting


This tutorial is intended to supply enough information to set up a relatively simple WAN or Internet-connected LAN using Sangoma’s Data Networking/Router Cards or other routers. Explanations of IP addresses, classes, Netmask asks, subnetting, and routing are provided, and several example networks are considered. Example address and routing configurations are provided for running Sangoma’s Router Cards under the following protocol stacks and platforms: Unix and Linux, Microsoft TCP/IP on Windows NT Workstation/Server and Windows 95, and others. A basic explanation of IPX routing is also included.

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