Contact Center Doubles Capacity and Expands Services

Sunday, February 26, 201711:59 PM(View: 13630)
Contact Center Doubles Capacity and Expands Services
avvoip-vision-fin-vivi-dial-casestudy-151x195Category: Enterprise
Customer: Vision Financial
Partner: VICIdial Group
Solution: Call Analyzer
Featured Sangoma Product(s): Sangoma A104 T1 Voice Card

Increased Efficiency with VICIdial Call Center Platform and Sangoma Call Analyzer

The Customer

Vision Financial is a financial services company specializing in collection functions for the healthcare and financial industries. Vision Financial places over 2,000,000 outbound calls per week from offices in three states, as well as managing a number of work-from-home agents.

The Challenge

Vision Financial needed to increase the capacity of their growing operation which was growing beyond the 100+ seat mark. They also needed to better coordinate that activities of the agents across multiple call centers and man- age a number of work-from-home agents. In addition, Vision Financial wanted to add to their service portfolio to include inbound call handling and broadcast and reminder calling.

Finally, they also required more accurate call progress analysis and faster an- swering machine detection so that they could more accurately identify invalid numbers, why numbers were invalid and increase productivity by reducing the number of times an agent was connected to a call that was actually answered by automation.

“The improvement we have achieved on outbound dialing with the addition of the Call Analyzer to VICIdial has been amazin. Increasing our successful contacts through call progress analysis has cultivated efficiency in our agents and more room for company growth.” Steve Hardman, Telecom Director of Vision Financial Corp.

The Solution

The VICIdial Call Center platform filled the need for a scalable, blended call center platform, and with the addition of the Sangoma Call Progress Analysis and Sangoma A104 T1 voice cards, their other requirements would also be fulfilled. The project went through a pilot phase that started in May of 2009 and lasted nearly two years. The VICIdial Call Center platform was rolled out across the company in August of 2011.

With this solution, Vision Financial has increased the capacity of their out- bound calling operations by 100%. They are currently in-process of expanding their operations and infrastructure in order to double their outbound capacity from this new level. The improvement in call progress analysis allows them to clean their leads of invalid numbers faster and with better accuracy and with the addition of blended inbound and outbound call handling, they no longer need to use two separate systems, which has led to a significant increase in agent productivity.

The Partner

The VICIdial Group was founded in 2007 to provide an array of professional products and services to the rapidly growing national and international VICIdial user community. The VICIdial Group began offering its Vicihost hosted call center solution that same year. The original creator and primary developer of VICIdial, Matt Florell, started the VICIdial Group along with several other telephony professionals.

The VICIdial Open Source Call Center Solution is a fully featured call center suite with inbound, outbound and blended call handling. It is in use by thousands of companies around the world and has been translated into 14 languages.

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