A Leading Customer Support Center Experiences Zero Downtime Since Deploying Sangoma Vega 400G

Wednesday, May 24, 201711:13 PM(View: 20488)
A Leading Customer Support Center Experiences Zero Downtime Since Deploying Sangoma Vega 400G
avvoip-Phone_Support-CaseStudy-151x195Category: Enterprise
Customer: The Phone Support
Partner: Elision TechnoLab LLP
Solution: Vega Gateway
Featured Sangoma Product(s): Vega 400G Gateway

Sangoma’s Vega 400 Redundant Gateways gave The Phone Support – an international Customer Support Center with over 100,000 customers across the globe, a stable PRI Gateway that provides redundancy at the hardware level, bringing the customer downtime to ‘ZERO’ since its deployment in the last two years.

The Customer
The Phone Support is an international customer support center based out of Jaipur, India and has been in operation since 2013. The company provides instantaneous, high-quality, technical phone support to its customers at affordable rates. With a strong international presence with of over 100,000 customers (most them located in North America), The Phone Support offers premium support to a wide range of devices including Windows systems, Mac, Android smartphone, tablets, iPhone, iPad, etc. The company excels in telephonic tech sup- port and strives to live up to its promise – “Feel the difference with just a call”.

“We are extremely happy with the complete solution provided by Elison Technolab LLP and Sangoma. Their solution is foolproof and has managed to successfully resolve all our concerns. We have been using their solution for the past two years and the results are noticeable are measurable. The post sale support has been phenomenal. We admire the expertise and professionalism of the team and highly recommend them.” says Apoorv Garg, CFO at The Phone Support.

The Challenge

The Phone Support contacted Elision TechnoLab LLP, Sangoma’s partner and a leading system integrator and VoIP solutions provider. Elision helped The Phone Support to upgrade to an advanced Call Center with 200+ seats. The main challenge was that The Phone Support’s entire customer support center ran on 8 PRI lines and needed to upgrade. In addition, they required protection against potential failovers. Elision wanted a reliable, robust solution that provided connectivity to their telephony servers that ran on VoIP, adding redundancy and protection from failovers.

As an international call center dealing with over 5,000 calls daily, the customer needed a resilient media gateway to migrate to VoIP. Since uninterrupted phone service was the center of the operations, it was imperative that the solution experienced 100% uptime. Elision’s goal was to help their customer with a modern solution that directly addressed their challenges. The integrator had two challenges. The rst was to supply a reliable, fault-tolerant SIP-to-TDM Media Gateway that enabled the smooth transition of traditional PRI lines to stable VoIP. The second was to have a system that would provide failover and drastically decrease downtime.

The Solution

Elision deployed Sangoma’s quadport Vega 400G (X2) with redundancy capabilities (High Availability or HA) for The Phone Support.
The Vega 400G is designed for T1/E1/PRI and supports up to 120 simultaneous calls. In the case of The Phone Support, this was a perfect solution as it provided dedicated bypass ports for high availability and advanced exible call routing with automatic failover and bypass routing.

The Vega solution was cost-effective because the customer didn’t have to invest in additional hardware to achieve redundancy. They only had to purchase licenses for their PRI lines. (One license per PRI line).

The unique feature about Vega High availability (HA) that sets it apart from the competition is that the entire HA con guration is precon gured and didn’t require any additional setup at the customer’s premise. This saved time, money and manpower for the customer.

Results and Benefits

The deployment of Sangoma Vega 400G media gateway led the customer to achieve stability in their contact center operations. In the last two years since the gateway was installed, the customer has not experienced a single downtime. The Phone Support greatly reduced their operating costs by installing Vega gateway and migrating from TDM to SIP.

In addition to solving the customer’s primary challenges, the Sangoma solution was effective in enhancing the voice-quality, a critical factor for any contact center.

With an effective deployment from Elision, The Phone Support’s revenues have increased by 200% in the past 24 months and their customer satisfaction scores have gone up exponentially.

The Partner
About Elision: Elision TechnoLab LLP is the leading supplier and pioneer of VoIP solutions all over the world. The company provides career-class solutions with powerful communication technology. The company consists of a team of very skilled individuals who offer and implement solutions in network, data, video and voice infrastructure – hence, are a one-stop provider for other companies’ technology needs.


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