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Mobile Value Added Services is one of the hottest market segments in telephony today. In India, the market is expected to reach $11 Billion USD by 2015. The world market is projected to reach $360 Billion USD in that same time period. However, the hardware and licenses necessary to create Mobile Value Added Services Application […]
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Color Ring Back Tone provides an additional service which carriers can charge for. By integrating Sangoma NetBorder SS7 software, Sangoma telephony cards, a server and open source software such as Asterisk® or FreeSWITCH®, a very cost-effective method for delivering this service can be realized.
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SIP Trunking – Carrier Carriers offering SIP trunking services must provide a secure environment that their customers can trust, especially when these services are delivered over the internet. Carriers also aim to reduce or eliminate interoperability difficulties between their equipment and that of their clients. The security of a VoIP network can be breached at […]