Introducing the High Density 50 Port Vega 3050G Analog Gateway

Monday, February 27, 201711:31 PM(View: 9404)
Introducing the High Density 50 Port Vega 3050G Analog Gateway
The Vega 3050G VoIP Gateway is a 50 FXS appliance that supports up to 50 simultaneous calls. It’s replacing the Vega 5000 in Sangoma’s family of high density gateway products.

Functionality of the 3050G will be the exact same, supporting SIP, T.38 fax and modems. The Web GUI will also remain the same, eliminating the need to re-train staff members. It features a Quick Wizard for rapid deployment.

The new appliance also supports a 2 FXO Port Expansion Module for emergency PSTN backup and features Exclusive Local Survivability, ensuring continuity of service during outages.

In addition, Vega 5000 warranties will still be honored with the new Vega 3050G model.

The Vega 3050G is a perfect solution for users with multi-dwelling units, hotels and hospitals looking to seamlessly integrate a large density of analog handsets to an IP core, eliminating the cost of re-wiring infrastructure to migrate IP phones.

Units are expected to be available mid-December 2016. For more information on the new Vega 3050G gateway talk to a Sangoma Representative or visit the Vega 3050G Product Page.