How AnandRathi Increased Productivity Through Sangoma’s FreePBX Solution

Monday, February 27, 201712:06 AM(View: 12507)
How AnandRathi Increased Productivity Through Sangoma’s FreePBX Solution
avvoip-anandrathi-casestudy-151x195Category: Enterprise
Customer: AnandRathi
Partner: Agami Tech
Solution: FreePBX
Featured Sangoma Product(s): FreePBX System 60, 100 & 300

The Customer

AnandRathi is a large financial company with large footprints across India and abroad, operating in over 1200 locations through its branches, sub-brokers, and representative offices/associate companies. The company follows a strict customer-centric approach with a clear focus on providing long term value addition to clients while maintaining the highest standards of excellence, ethics and professionalism. To adhere to their principles, it is imperative that the company provides a single unified communication solution to seamlessly connect their workforce of over 2,500 professionals spread across a multitude of locations and serving a large network of clients.

The Challenge

AnandRathi was dealing with outdated and legacy phone systems technology that prevented them from benefitting from the latest advancements in voice and data technology. For a company where effective and uninterrupted communication forms the backbone of the business model, the limitations of the phone systems was a threat. The company needs business-critical functionalities like video calling/conferencing, conference bridge, IP-based telephony etc. to effectively manage their operations. Being on a traditional system meant that they required frequent hardware upgrades to deal with a growing network, increased investment of money and man-hours.

Maintenance and management of aging phone systems across multiple sites also meant exorbitant and unjustifiable monthly telephone bills. There was no scope for intercom between the offices. The other challenges were no control over Caller ID, individual Voicemails, remote call logs, call recording and so on.

“We are impressed with the superior voice quality in our phone system. The FreePBX phone system is extremely likable for its numerous features like easy call transfer, conferencing capabilities, follow me, etc. which we believe have increased the employee productivity. The new phone systems have reduced our monthly telephone overheads considerably. I would strongly recommend this solution to any company to whom an advanced, multi-featured phone system is critical for the success of their business,” says Kamal Goel, Vice President – Informational Technology at AnandRathi.

The Solution

The customer wanted a smart, robust and scalable solution that would help them overcome the challenges with the legacy system while equipping themselves with a modern business communication solution costeffectively. One of the primary requirements of the solution was that it had to leverage the existing MPLS and VPN connectivity and enable a smooth transition to IP Telephony solution.

The FreePBX solution from Sangoma fitted the bill perfectly. Sangoma’s global reputation as a company who allows disparate networks to be connected seamlessly helped the customer in making an educated decision of choosing FreePBX for this mission-critical project.

AnandRathi is headquartered in Mumbai and has multiple regional offices in Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Ahmedabad. The solution required the establishment of interconnectivity between six different sites in these cities.


The primary systems deployed were:

  • FreePBX System 60
  • FreePBX System 100
  • FreePBX System 300

The solution was implemented in various phases. The first phase included connectivity with HQ in Mumbai and the regional office in Bangalore and was carried out swiftly within a few days. This was soon followed with the other roll-outs.

Following were the list of functionalities installed and implemented:
  • Call Recording
  • Conference Rooms
  • Call Detail Reporting
  • Video Calling
  • Phonebook Directory
  • Follow me
  • Call Detail Reporting
  • Call Forwarding
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Hunt/Ring Groups
  • Multiple Trunks
  • Voicemail

The Partner

Agami Tech headquartered in Mumbai, India, is a multi-cultural Information Technology Solutions and Business consulting company. We strive in partnering with our clients, globally to conceptualize and realize technology driven business transformation initiatives in the field of Unified Customer Interaction Management and Analytics.

Agami Tech’s vision is to be a world-class provider of consulting & information solution services focusing in and exploiting the synergies between three core areas of operation, Telecommunications, Information Technologies and IP telephony. Our clients achieve superior returns on their technology investments through our best-in-class industry solutions, passion and domain expertise of our people, and our global scale.

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