Vega Enterprise SBC

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Vega Enterprise SBC


Vega Enterprise SBC: Security and Interoperability for the Enterprise

  • Scalability from 25–250 sessions/calls (field upgradeable)
  • All-in-one appliance for SIP and TDM connections
  • Traffic visualization tools
  • Cost-effective session-based licensing (no hidden fees)
  • Enterprise inter-site networking and SIP trunking border control
  • Local security management for SMBs and small enterprisesFINALIST-Best-VoIP-CPE-2014
  • Hardware-based transcoding
  • Qualified for Microsoft® Lync® and Skype for Business®

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Full-featured protection with easy interconnection at the edge of enterprise networks. The most cost-effective, easiest-to-provision, and easiest-to manage line of SBCs on the market.

Protection from Enterprise Security Threats:

  • Denial of services
    • Call/registration overload
    • Malformed messages (fuzzing)
  • Configuration errors
    • Mis-configured devices
    • Operator and application errors
  • Theft of service / Fraud
    • Unauthorized users
    • Unauthorized media types
  • BYOD
    • Smartphones running unauthorized apps
    • Viruses and malware attacking your VoIP network


  • SIP Trunking
  • Remote Worker
  • Hosted PBX
  • Skype For Business/Lync SBC
  • Core Session Router and Load Balancer


  • Network Security
  • Quality of Service/ Quality of Experience
  • TDM Resilience
  • Protocol Normalization
  • Media Services
  • Statistics and billing
  • Regulatory Compliance


  • Max 250 calls/sessions
  • Max 120 TDM-SIP calls/sessions
  • Full transcoding capability, no impact on number calls
  • Full security (SRTP/TLS) capability, no impact on number calls
  • Unlimited SIP trunks


    • Only max. number of calls are licensed
    • Field upgradeable in 5/25/50/100 call increments


  • SIP trunking and remote working
  • SIP intrusion prevention
  • SIP registration scan attack detection
  • SIP request rate limiting
  • SIP friendly load limitation
  • SIP registration pass-thru
  • SIP header normalization
  • SIP malformed packet protection
  • Advanced NAT traversal capabilities
  • Topology hiding
  • ENUM routing

Telephony Interfaces (Optional)

  • Up to 4 E1/T1s (with A101DE/A102DE/A104DE card)
  • Echo cancellation up to 128ms tail
  • Primary rate ISDN, configurable NT/TE
  • T1: Q931, NI2, 4ESS, 5ESS, DMS-100
  • E1: Q931, ETSI

Media Capabilities

  • Voice, video, FAX, IM and presence support
  • Full RTP transcoding (G.711, G.722, G.729, G.726, G.723.1, iLBC, AMR, G.722.1)
  • T.38 fax relay


  • 5x 10/100/1000 BaseT ethernet ports
  • IPV4, IPV6
  • IPV4 / IPV6 interworking
  • VLAN support

Session and Monitoring

  • Multiple session routing options
  • RTCP statistics reports
  • QoS (ToS or DSCP)
  • RADIUS CDR and authentication
  • QoS monitoring and reporting


  • 6 x 10/100/1000 BaseT ethernet ports
  • IPV4, IPV6
  • IPV4 / IPV6 interworking


  • DDoS / DoS attack protection
  • Call security with TLS/SRTP
  • Media security with SRTP
  • IPSec encryption
  • IP firewall with port forwarding
  • Two-stage authentication


  • Power: 60W universal internal power supply
  • Dimensions: 19” W x 8.15” D x 1.7” H / 431mm x 468mm x 44mm
  • Rack mounting clips included
  • 1 Console port (USB to console port cable included)
  • 2 USB port

Call Control

  • Advanced XML routing engine
  • Dynamic load balancing and call routing
  • Multiple call access control options
  • Least cost routing
  • Rate limiting: call and registration
  • Endpoint authentication
  • Media bandwidth policy
  • Intelligent media anchoring/release


  • Advanced troubleshooting
  • Web interface initiation of full media and signalling trace
  • Onboard PCAP tracing, signalling and media, wireshark compatible
  • Large onboard storage capacity for long term tracing


  • Easy to use web interface
  • HTTP XML-based CDR
  • Real-time monitoring and debugging
  • TR-069 for remote provisioning
  • REST based interface to remotely configure SBCs

Support and Professional Services

Sangoma engineers are here to support your success. Whether you need technical support and software maintenance, training, consultation and installation services, Sangoma can help you. Visit or contact your Sales representative for more information.


Standard 12-month warranty is included. Additional warranty services available, contact your sales representative for more information.

How to order
Item Description
SBCT-ENT-025 Vega SBC 1U Appliance with 25 Sessions/Calls
SBCT-ENT-050 Vega SBC 1U Appliance with 50 Sessions/Calls
SBCT-ENT-100 Vega SBC 1U Appliance with 100 Sessions/Calls
SBCT-ENT-250 Vega SBC 1U Appliance with 250 Sessions/Calls

Cables, if required, are included at no additional charge.

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